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Guizhou organized a delegation to Shenzhen to promote high-end equipment and electronic information industry. On-site signing of 6.2 billion

Updated:2018-12-26 09:08:39

    Guangdong, Shenzhen and Guizhou are both in the Pan-Pearl River Delta region. They have good cooperation foundations and conditions. The routes, high-speed railways and high-speed routes that have been opened will be separated by thousands of kilometers. Connected together, between the two places, the plane more than 1 hour, the high-speed rail 4 hours, the highway 8 hours, once the mountains and the sea, turned into a mountain and sea.
    In recent years, Guizhou Province has made equipment manufacturing and electronic information the focus of industrial transformation and upgrading, and high-quality development. Both industries have achieved rapid development. The data shows that in 2018, the two industries of equipment manufacturing and electronic information manufacturing in Guizhou Province are expected to achieve an industrial output value of 185 billion yuan, an added value of 28.5 billion yuan, a growth rate of 12%, and a proportion of 10% in Guizhou Province. .
    At the same time, Guizhou equipment manufacturing enterprises have successively developed a number of fist host products such as advanced trainer aircraft and aviation engines. Among them, Guifei's Shanying Senior Trainer won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, and the special equipment of the Aerospace Tenth Institute's micro-motor, aerospace power supply and other products participated in the national major projects such as “Exploring the Moon” and “Beidou”, and the medium thrust vortex of Liyang Company. Fan aviation engine, Zhenhua Group's high-end electronic components and other technical level is in the advanced position in China. Zhanyang's polar all-terrain transport vehicle participates in the Antarctic expedition to reach the international advanced level of similar products, and has 7 major types of main engines such as aerospace. The “7+N” industrial system with emphasis on the initial formation.
    In the electronic information industry, a number of excellent and strong companies such as Foxconn, Inspur, and Fortune Boat have successively landed in Guizhou, Foxconn's fourth-generation green industrial park, and Huaxintong server processor chip. A number of major projects such as projects have been put into production and production, a batch of electronic information new products and new technologies to fill the gaps in the province, wearable smart devices, intelligent robots, servers, mobile phones, tablet computers, Beidou navigation equipment and other products from scratch, Formed a production system with mobile phones, tablet computers, electronic components, integrated circuits, electronic materials, etc. as the main products. Around the high-end equipment and electronic information industry, Guizhou has gradually formed a number of industrial clusters such as Guiyang Xiaomeng Park, Zunyi Xinpu New District and Gui'an Electronic Information Industry Park.
    It is worth mentioning that Guizhou currently establishes a system of leading cadres to contact the service enterprise, opens a “direct service for the governors of private enterprises”, and issues 42 policies to further promote the development of the private economy. We will carry out six special campaigns for serving private enterprises, and strive to create a development environment for heavy business, pro-business, and business, attract enterprises and entrepreneurs to invest in Guizhou, share the development dividend of Guizhou, and share the “Mountain Park Province” in Guizhou. Beautiful ecological environment.